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 TOL Park is the comic strip of Trek Online. It draws upon the clubs inside jokes - including smite buttons, MiBs, vats of spam. For more info, please see the Trek Online Cultural Guide.

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Main Character Guide

Name: Narley Spammer

Rank: Admiral

Admiral Narley Spammer is the president of Wreck Online and the leader of the residents of TOL Park. He is usually pretty friendly, except when speaking to Goblin or Spike (then again, no one is friendly to Spike). He always acknowledges his duty as a Wreck Online Member, although may selectively forget things at times. Of special note is the fact that he refuses to use the word "then," insisting that "than" be used instead. Most TOL Park residents attribute this to childhood trauma, although little actual proof of such an incident exists. Another interesting fact about Narley is that he is t most times unwilling to use anything but one syllable words such as "ok, no, yeah, doh, and ack." Narley is also the commanding officer of the USS Dictator.


Name: Squato

Rank: Vice Admiral

Vice Admiral Squato (that's his only name) is a member of a species called "changethings," who can change their cellular structure to that of any completely useless object, person, or other being, at will. It is unknown why the changethings can only shift into completely useless things, but it has influenced Squato's personality. Squato is the "nice-guy" of TOL Park. He's nice to everyone almost all the time, although he has been known to ruthlessly smite people after eating too much spam. Besides being Narley's right-hand man, Squato is the commanding officer of the USS Lostwall, which always seems to be thrown into some lonely corner of the galaxy every couple of months.


Name: Goblin Blight

Rank: Commodore

Commodore Goblin Blight is insane. It's really that simple, and everyone in TOL Park knows it. First of all, she is one of those weird things with pointy ears -- no, not elves -- Vomulans. Furthermore, she lives in a shack on the edge of TOL Park with no windows and full of weapons. She has recently dug a moat for her shack, and most of the other TOL Park residents agree with Narley in the belief that she is also quite paranoid. She has been known to smite people constantly for irritating her, but is herself quite irritating to most other residents. She commands the ISS Sporta, a Vomulan ship.


Name: Spike Cookie

Rank: Rear Admiral

The most annoying officer in Wreck Online, is, by the unanimous agreement of all residents of TOL Park, Rear Admiral Spike Cookie, commanding officer of the USS Spamizon. Talking to him is enough to drive anyone insane. The residents of TOL Park have, in fact, tired to kill him or lock him up numerous times, but he always carries a small arsenal of weapons he uses to defend himself. He is also rumored to have actually eaten several other residents. Most TOL Park residents try to avoid him whenever possible, and Narley has ordered the MIB to keep track of him at all times.


Name: Turkey Moronovich

Rank: Captain

Turkey is, to most of the officers in Wreck Online, evil incarnate. He heads the Men In Blue (MIB), a secret organization devoted to protecting Narley and promoting ignorance whenever possible. He is also in the runnings for the most stubborn person in Wreck Online (his main competition is Narley). As a member of MIB, he wears a "secret identity-shielding mask," which looks unmistakably like underwear with eyeholes cut in it. He is the Commanding Officer of the USS Generation-X, which magically changes it's ship class remarkably often.


'Weekly' Comic Strips

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