My Simming Memoirs

Part 7: Memories

The Flag of Trek Online

Over the years, TOLers have sent in their memories of the club, which I've posted here. If you have something to include, please let me know.

Vice Admiral Kris 'Scott' Perry; Major General Kyle Sanz; Lieutenant Jamie Cole; Commander Gnoof; Commodore Hailey 'Angel'Mithok; Admiral Robin Knight; Commander Gillis


Vice Admiral Kris 'Scott' Perry, Member 1996 - 1997, CO of the USS Independence 1996 - 1997, Vice President 1997, President (for a day in 1997). Scott and I had our differences, but in the end he always came through. The club would never have become a republic without him.

Written in 1997.

Scott's memories were included in MSM as Chapter 20.


Major General Kyle Sanz, Member 1997 - 2001, CO IKS Dark Falcon 1998 - 2001, Vice President 2000. One of the greatest COs TOL ever had.

Written in 2000.

TOL was my first sim club, and though I've been in several since, the club has either completely fallen apart, or I have either left due to the dissatisfaction of the club.

Neither of these apply with TOL. I guess once you've had the best, you can never go back! One thing to remember, something I've learned very recently, if not before. TOL has hit quite a few lows in the distant as well as recent past. But through it all, TOL has managed to stand tall, in the end. This is due to the fact that TOL has a strong foundation. The least of what matters to me is the amount of people and the superiority or size of Trek Online.

The main focus is quality, not quantity. And though some may consider TOL "small," it holds the most enjoyable sims I have ever attended, has numerous wonderful activities for all tastes, and has helped me form many friendships online.

In ten words or less, Trek Online is an absolutely outstanding and enjoyable simming club.


The Kyle has spoken…

::crawls back into hole::


Lieutenant Jamie Cole, Member 1999 - 2002, Served on several ships including the USS Stonewall, Wrightstown, Vindicator, Endeavor, and Challenger. A friend to all and a playful troublemaker who liked to keep us on our toes.

Written in 2004.

Chas...Put that Phaser down, I'm writing the Chapter already. talk to the former President of TOL for one night...and he threatens your life. I mean I didn't smite him...much.

My time was on and off with TOL, but I always came back because it was fun. Clodo, Chas, Ditto, Angel...All of them were fun and funny people that I associated with on a continual basis.

On the Stonewall and the Vindicator fun was always there to be had. Angel and I tortured the commanding officers. And Chas and Clodo always got us back by sending us to Fruck, which was usually a one way ticket unless the commanding officers gave you a 'Get out of Fruck Free' pass.

I enjoyed my time with TOL, and was sorry to hear that it had been dissolved during our conversation. Darn...I can't torture anyone anymore with Mel Brooks based plotlines...

Anyhow I don't know what else to say at this time...Oh yeah..EAT YOUR JELLYBEANS...


Lt Jamie Cole, commentator and troublemaker


Commander Gnoof, Member 1997 - 1999, Served as the Chief of Security on the USS Vindicator and First Officer on the ISS Vorta. Good ol' Goof, he embodied TOL.

Written in 2004

Working on a little something about TOL. I was looking through what I've got left as far as logs and such and found this one. Remember this sim? Heh.

After phasing back into our reality from a strange, dimensional disturbance (sometimes referred to as a "phone call"), I joined Security Officer Chas in his duties. Meanwhile, word of deadly poisonings had been spreading.

Chas and I were monitoring a prisoner in the brig. During some minor weapon maintenance, my phaser was accidentally fired, striking and killing Chas. I was unable to fully engage proper misfire procedure before a second Chas entered the room. In a nearby room, the head of security and the captain were in some sort of meeting. The second Chas quickly answered the captain's request for water, rushing off before I could question his presence. The captain died suddenly after consuming the water. At the order of my superior, I stopped the fleeing second Chas using a little more force than desired, vaporizing him. While we tried to fully understand the situation, news of more poisonings arrived and a third Chas appeared. Though I can't remember the exact details, it was revealed that the numerous Chas appearances were caused by a cloning machine hidden in another part of the ship. Not wishing to leave the messy scene in the brig, I transported the various bodies into Chas' quarters. We proceeded to the cloning machine.

The events, at this point, are difficult to understand and recall. The cloning machine was revealed. I never quite understood the insidious plot behind the device, though insidious I'm sure it was. Chaos broke out in the room, at one point involving a 9mm. I was ordered to dismantle the cloning machine and went to it. The machine exploded in the process. The events after this point are a bit hazy, probably due to the machine that had just exploded in my face. I only recall that the decision was made to allow the current Chas clone to live and that the real Chas eventually showed. He had apparently been tied up in his quarters the entire time. Slacker.


Commodore Hailey 'Angel'Mithok, Member 1998 - 2004, Served on many ships over the years, but most notably as the First Officer of the epic Viper Flight sim with General Shane. She was one of the most loyal and dedicated club members we had. Angel, Thank you...

Written in 2004.

Since 1998 I've had different computers and lost a lot of my old TOL files. I'm going to try my best to tell my story to the best of my memory. I apologize if some things are wrong or if I forget a few things.

An Unforgettable Beginning

The summer of 1998 - I recieved an IM from a man that I would later come to know, his name was Matt, talking to me about joining Trek Online. Being the avid Star Trek fan I was, I thought it was a good idea. The same day, in a very unorthidox recruiting method, I recieved an email from a very talented Captain, the woman was who go on to marry Charlie, lead the MiB and someone I would come to respect and learn a lot from. I signed up for Trek Online and chose the USS Wrightstown, under Capt Oden, as my first assignment.

After a few reschedulings, I finally went through training. My instructor was the infamous Robin, who some thought for a long time was partly responible for my troublemaking ways. She taught me everything I could ever need to know about the basics of simming and then she decided that to get my feet wet, so to speak, Robin had me join in the final 10 minutes of the USS Vindictor sim and Charlie happened to be the Captain.

I began simming on the USS Wrightstown just as there was a captain change. I am still not sure to this day what happened to Captain Oden, but Bo Duke took over. I was there for several months and I got my barrings as a simmer.

The Start My Uphill Climb

As my life tends to go, even though I was having a wonderful time aboard the Wrightstown, I transfered to the USS Stonewall under Captain Clodo. It happened to be a great career move for me, even thought that is not what I was intending.

I gained tons of experience aboard the Stonewall and got to know most of the members of TOL. And as I gained more confidence, I joined other sims or visited other sims. I would serve on many different ships but none would be memorable until I was giving my first opportuntiy to command.

My First Command Experience

Great friends can make the worst enemies. The USS Charleston was started up with a then good friend, Captain Malu. I was choosen to be her first officer. I was flattered to be choosen since I had never been in charge.

My time on the ship was a rocky one for many reasons. She and I had a lot of conflicts while we ran the sim. We fought over everything - to say the least - and Charlie was our medator.

When Malu and I got along, we made a great command team, and I helped host our sim during the SciWorld Online Convention. I had a great sense of accomplishment and also happened to meet some well known people, like Admiral Shuni, that I would not encounter again for another 4 years.

During my time aboard the Charleston, and at the recommation of Chief Justice Anne and Justice Malu I was appointed to the TOL Courts.

Due to Malu's life keeping her away from responisblities as a captain, and my life being just the same, and with the conflicts between Malu and I ,we went our seperate ways. She retired and left TOL. I went on to bigger and better things and the USS Charleston was decommisioned.

My One 'Case'

During my time on the bench we hardly saw anything more than being in charge of the elections. I remember one case coming through the courts. Ben and whoever were his allies were trying to come back to TOL and reclaim the sim Viper Flight. After going through the pages of the TOL Constitution and talking with my fellow judges on the bench we managed to keep Viper Flight as a part of the TOL fleet.

It wasn't much of a case, but as long as I served on the bench, until my retirement from the Court in 2000, and until TOL's disband in 2004, there were maybe one or two more 'cases' to be placed on the desk of the courts.

Viper Flight

Viper Flight was and still is my pride. I joined Viper Flight under Captain Mars (for those who don't know that is Charlie). I created a character by the name of Hailey Mithok, and over the years she has become a part of me. Mars eventually stepped down as the CO and handed the reins over to Cosari Shane. I was named First Officer.

Shane and I worked hard with a crew of 4 people - Shane, Sargon, Rouge and myself. We spent a long time creating a storyline of a group known as the Elite and it grew into an epic sim.

Over Viper Flight's history we gained and lost many crew. Unfortunely by the end of Viper Flight's time in TOL it was only Shane and I who were left, working hard to keep our creation active. But as fate would have it, she and TOL slowly faded into the horizion.

To this day Viper Flight is still my proudest work and though it is no longer an active sim, Shane and I still write the storyline for Shane, Hailey, the Elite and the characters we have created over the years.


Admiral Robin Knight, Member 1997 - 2001, CO ISS Vorta, USS Valkyrie, and Dark Forge Station, President 2000. Robin was Ms. TOL, she was everything that was good about the club.

Written in 2004.

Robin's memories were included in MSM as Chapter 35.


Commander Gillis, Member 2002 - 2003, First Officer on Starbase Gemini and the USS Generation. Gillis played a major role in the break up of TOL.

Written in 2004.

Gillis' memories were included in MSM as Chapter 40 and a supplement to Chapter 42.