All of the IMs, chats, E-mails and so forth found here were all official TOL documents and were hosted by or involved TOL people, and therefore they are the property of Trek Online, and thus are being used here to allow members to learn the history of the club. If you wish to use any of the documents in the archives, or wish to take excerpts from any part of MSM, you may, please just contact and let him know what you are using, and please, in your work or what ever you are using it for, give credit for where it came from.

Also, always keep in mind that Trek Online is not affiliated with AOL, Prodigy, etc, we only use their service for our sims. Also keep in mind that Trek Online is not affiliated with Star Trek. Star Trek is copyrighted to Paramount Pictures, 2002 and so on.

MSM is intended to give an accurate historical look into the events that have helped to shape Trek Online. It is not intended to bring any unwanted attention to any member of Prodigy or AOL, nor was it intended to violate any terms of service agreements. If those items somehow happened, I am sorry, but keep in mind, this is a historical record of actual events, actions and people. If they did something they are not proud of, well, too bad, they should have thought about that at the time.