A message from Chas...

No, I am not crazy - I just enjoy simming, history, and writing. The result is over a 100 pages of simming history.

I'm fully aware that no one will ever read all I write. (If you do read everything, or most of it, please let me know - you may be eligible to win a prize.) However, in hopes that what I've written will be useful to someone - somewhere - below is a guide that summarizes each chapter. My memoirs are filled with tons of useful tidbits and you should check them out and reference them as needed. For example - Dealing with a troublemaker? Check out chapters 7 and 15. Starting a new club? Read chapters 6 and 9.


Introduction - Quick overview of TOLs history, along with some psychological insights into why people behave the way they do in the simming world.

Part 1

Chapter 1 - How simming came about.

Chapter 2 - An overview of simming in 1993 and 1994, with a focus on the break up of SFOL.

Chapter 3 - An overview of simming in 1995 and 1996.

Chapter 4 - Want to know why I did the things I did? Read this chapter.

Chapter 5 - The events that lead to the creation of the club that would become TOL on AOL.

Part 2

Chapter 6 - How to start a new sim and club.

Chapter 7 - How not to handle a troublemaker.

Chapter 8 - What the club on AOL could have become.

Chapter 9 - How not to start a new sim and club.

Chapter 10 - Where the idea for a simming republic came from.

Part 3

Chapter 11 - An overview of simming in 1997.

Chapter 12 - Why mergers are bad.

Chapter 13 - Why mergers are especially bad when both sides start to act like children.

Chapter 14 - How TOL survived despite a merger gone bad and everyone acting like children.

Chapter 15 - For those of you who like wars and/or need to know how to deal with a troublemaker.

Chapter 16 - Why it is a bad idea not to tell your members the truth... also more insights into why I did the things I did.

Chapter 17 - More stuff for people who like wars and/or need to know how to deal with abusive clubs.

Chapter 18 - How the Simming League came about.

Chapter 19 - For people who like espionage and intrigue (and you thought I forgot about you!)

Chapter 20 - The story of the merger gone bad told from Scott's side (and my attempt at being balanced #1).

Part 4

Chapter 21 - How to manage captains.

Chapter 22 - Why we chose a republic.

Chapter 23 - Various failures in the Simming League.

Chapter 24 - TOLs Constitutional Debates, and strengths and weaknesses of the republic.

Chapter 25 - An overview of simming in 1998.

Chapter 26 - How things can fall through the cracks when you have too many captains to manage.

Chapter 27 - Some good ol stories about simming on the USS Orion (finally!).

Part 5

Chapter 28 - The people who made 1999.

Chapter 29 - TOLs mixed venture onto the internet.

Chapter 30 - A typical day as President.

Chapter 31 - The Simming League's greatest achievements.

Chapter 32 - I losen up a bit.

Chapter 33 - We finally got him.

Chapter 34 - Timing is everything, and how I messed up the League.

Chapter 35 - History by Robin (and my attempt at being balanced #2).

Chapter 36 - More simming adventures, this time from the USS Vindicator.

Part 6

Chapter 37 - The mixed results of my second Presidency.

Chapter 38 - What happens when old leaders don't let go.

Chapter 39 - Simming League drama.

Chapter 40 - A chapter written by Gillis (and my third attempt at being balanced).

Chapter 41 - Vid's Presidency, how not to retire, and the beginning of the clubs decline.

Chapter 42 - If you're a retired President, and you see your club falling apart, how not to try to save it.

Chapter 43 - The beginning of the end for TOL.

Chapter 44 - The breakup of TOL.

Chapter 45 - Failed attempts at revival, and the death of TOL.

Part 7

Various memories of TOLers.