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Infomation on the memorial scholorship fund set up in Seth's honor and how to contribute

In Memory

Michael C. Back aka Seth Cotis

President and Chief Magistrate of the Simming League

Founder and Council Leader of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance

July 4, 1970 - July 19, 2005

It is with great sadness that the Simming League announces the death of Michael C. Back aka Seth Cotis, the Simming League's Chief Magistrate and former President. He was a diabetic and his heart gave out peacefully and unexpectedly in his sleep. His family asks that in lieu of flowers a donation be made to the American Diabetes Foundation in the name of Michael Back. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends, and the thousands he brought joy and entertainment to through simming.

Seth founded the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA) in October of 2000 after a long and distinguished career with the United Space Federation (USF) and served as the SLA's Council Leader until his death. Thanks to Seth, the club's revolutionary spirit never diminished and the SLA has grown into one of the largest and most respected clubs in the simming community, currently offering 34 sims.

In 2001, Seth joined the Simming League, where he put his limitless energy and dedication to simming to work, and in the process helped guide and inspire numerous clubs, simmers, and leaders. His wisdom and steady hand lead the League through good times and bad, and during his long career he served in many posts - Representative, Senator, President, and at the time of his death, Chief Magistrate.

Seth's untimely death cuts short a life full of promise and potential. He recently realized his dream and moved back to his beloved Chicago several weeks ago with a web design degree in hand and was working to build a freelance client base.

Seth was a statesman and legend in the simming community in his own time and his absence will be keenly felt. His leadership, advise, and boundless energy will be sorely missed.

Proclamation of the Simming League President

The Simming League extends our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Michael Back, aka Seth Cotis, and to the members of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA). His untimely passing leaves a tremendous void in the heart of the simming community and in the hearts of all who knew him.

Mike was the driving force behind the SLA - the club he founded and gave so much of himself to - and was instrumental in the Simming League, blessing it with his wisdom, humor, and infinite energy.

He was my boss, friend, mentor, inspiration . . . there's just way too many terms to list that could be used to describe Mike's role not only in the group that he loved so much, but also in the lives of his hosts, the simmers, and anyone who had the honor of being graced with his presence. He put all of them first, before himself . . . even before his own health problems, which he kept hidden from everyone except to a select few (most of whom didn't find out until a few months ago).

His dedication and the sacrifices he made were unmatched, and shall not go unnoticed.

In honor of Michael Christian Back (aka Seth Cotis), the Simming League will observe two weeks of official mourning.

In lieu of flowers, I urge members of the Simming League to send their heartfelt sympathies through a donation to the American Diabetes Association in memory of Michael C. Back at https://www.diabetes.org/secure/donation/Donate.do?action=Memory

An online condolence book has been set up at http://www.legacy.com/posttribune/Guestbook.asp?Page=Guestbook&PersonID=14598246 I also ask that everyone take a little time to post their thoughts and memories.

Mike, you brought joy and entertainment to thousands. I hope you knew how much it was truly appreciated.


Issued by

Commodore Azanialix Ja'arda

Simming League President

SLA Senator

July 21, 2005


Whereas Seth Cotis was an instrumental leader and statesman of the simming community, having embodied the ideals of the Simming League;

Whereas on October 1, 2000, Seth Cotis realized part of his dream with the founding of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, combining his love for simming along with his tremendous talents as a web designer and passion for marketing;

Whereas, through his leadership in the Starfleet Legacy Alliance as its founder and Moderator Chair, and in the Simming League as a Representative, Senator, President, and most recently Chief Magistrate, Seth Cotis helped to shape the course of simming and filled the lives of thousands with joy and entertainment;

Whereas Seth Cotis was a man filled with unlimited energy and creativity, who always offered a helping hand and advice to everyone, regardless of rank or club affiliation;

Whereas the steady leadership and calming influence of Seth Cotis did much to contribute to the peace and stability enjoyed by the simming community over the past several years;

Whereas the untimely passing of Seth Cotis cuts short a 35-year-old life, which was full of promise and now leaves a tremendous void in the simming community;


In recognition of this, and much more, be it therefore resolved that:

1) The Simming League acknowledges, with profound sadness, the death of our colleague Michael Christian Back (Seth Cotis), on Tuesday, July 19, 2005, at his home in the Wrigleyville area of Chicago, Illinois;

2) The Sim Senate of the Simming League expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Michael Christian Back (Seth Cotis), and to the members of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA);

3) The Simming League, and its members, will always remember and cherish everything he did for the League, and the spirit of community, dedication, and quality he embodied;

4) The Simming Service Prize shall be posthumously awarded to Seth Cotis;

5) The Simming League shall establish the Seth Cotis Medal of Honor, which shall be the highest award issued by the Simming League, awarded separately from the Simming League Prizes, and shall only be awarded to individuals - nominated by the President or a Senator and confirmed by the Sim Senate - whose simming careers embody outstanding service, dedication, and commitment to the simming community;

6) The League shall transmit a copy of this resolution to the family of Michael Christian Back, and to the Starfleet Legacy Alliance.